Cheapest Easter Outfits... EVER!


Hey Babe,

Easter was this past Sunday and it was probably one of the best Resurrection Sunday’s that my family and I have had in a while. Not that the other Easter celebrations haven’t been amazing but this year was super relaxed, chilled, and cheap. I went to one store and found London’s dress and Braxton’s bowtie that he never wore *insert rolled eye emoji- But let’s not focus on the non worn bowtie. Let’s go back to the part where I only had to go to ONE store to fine their outfit! Yes, ONE. STORE. That saved a lot of time, stress… and gas. Can I get a amen from all of the Mommas out there?!

My pastel pant suit is from my favorite place, Salvation Army Family Store! I only paid nine dollars and some change and it was super comfortable and a banger! When trying the pant suit on I wasn’t really feeling it. I put the suit back and walked out. Put the key into the ignition, set in my car for 2 minutes. Turned the car off and went back into the store to purchase the suit. I am so happy that I did or I would have regretted it. & now I can’t wait to wear it again.

London’s dress was only $15 and is from Kid to Kid and hair is inspired by the Mother of Dragons… Daenerys Targaryen. (Game of Thrones for any of my non GoT people)

Check out these goofy pictures with my favorite son! Sometimes you just have to follow their lead…

London told me that she would only take a picture with me if I pick her up… so I picked her up. I think sometime she misses being the baby. I miss her being a baby as well…

& that is how you kill Easter 2019!! Until next year, Babes!