Never Take For Granted

Happy FriYAY, Babe!!

This weeks FAV Fries & Scripture is…

Well actually your girl is trying to get snatched for the summer season. As a result all French Fry lovin’ is on hold!!! Yes, you read that correctly. I told myself that I will treat myself to some very seasoned French Fries when I lose my first 10lbs. I am currently 7lbs from hitting my first goal. Therefore pray for me because I am craving Chick Fil A’s waffles fries like something serious.

My Husband who works second shift and is always on the go expressed to me last week that he didn’t feel appreciative in our marriage. Then at the beginning of this week one of my Fraternity Brothers and a very close college girlfriend loss their mothers unexpectedly. This week has taught me nothing except to love the people who are near and dear to you because you never know what tomorrow will bring… So instead of a scripture I’m sharing a quote that we should all hold close to our heart. Unfortunately the quote is cliche BUT it’s a great reminder that we all need to hear from time to time. As a result i’m being very intentional on making sure that my Husband get the love that he deserves.

“Never take anything for granted. Learn to appreciate what you have.. before it’s no longer yours to appreciate.”