"London Turns 6 & This Momma Is Over Etravagant Birthday Parties"

When I was a Stay-At-Home Momma I loved throwing extravagant birthday parties for my children, from black tie affairs to overnight soirees, planning and executing down to the very tiniest detail was indeed MY guilty pleasure.  But what a difference having a job in corporate America makes! Now that I am working outside of the home my energy level has severely decreased and the extravagant parties are no longer at the top of my mommy-to-do list. This past weekend we celebrated London’s 6th birthday and I will admit, for about 6 seconds, I considered going all out! Yep, MY guilty pleasure tried to overtake me.  I mean, I was ready to build cardboard cars and create “London’s Drive-In” right in my backyard.  Then reality stopped me in my tracks and I decided to shift the focus a bit.  All London wanted was a pool party so we did just that!  We found a gorgeous hotel here in Lexington, KY and we had a pool party!  As much as my inner party planner wanted to take over and deck out the party room I just didn’t have it in me. The goal was to keep things as simple as possible and making sure London was as happy as possible! Instead of ordering a hundred dollar cake this year, I marched to the nearest Walmart and with the help of my buddy Pillsbury (2 Golden Batter and 1 Strawberry to be exact), 4 tubes of cream cheese icing, and a bunch of assorted sprinkles; I was able to create a wonderful cake for around $13! I spent an extra $25 on invitations, plates, napkins, and confetti for table and Voila!...BEST POOL PARTY EVER!

Often times, us mommies, being the Super Mommy Party Planning Extraordinaires that we are, have a tendency to go over the top for our kid’s birthday parties.  We stress about décor, party favors, cakes, food, guest lists and all the while, our little ones are oblivious to our stress! We allow OUR guilty pleasure to consume us as we contemplate minor details that our kids don’t even notice! Well, Party Planning Mommy move over, Reasonable Stress-Free Mommy has arrived! I have come to the realization that children only need/ want these 4 items at their party:

1. Gifts

Children love receiving gifts – especially on their birthdays. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive party invest those hundreds into your child. You really want to see your child’s face light up, take that money and drive them to the nearest Toys R’ Us and let them do some damage! You will be a true superhero in their eyes! Or you can open up a bank account for them, or teach them about giving and let them choose a charity to donate to. The options are endless!

2. Pizza

Cheese or Pepperoni? For a child it doesn’t matter! It’s Pizza!  Forgo serving the mini croissants and fancy dip and let your child indulge in one of their favs.  Certain to be a crowd pleaser and easy on the pocketbook!

3. Birthday Cake

The highlight of the day! A sweet treat covered in delicious icing.  Who can resist!  As long as there is a delectable cake on display, your child will be smiling ear to ear.  And after a piece or 3 of their cake, they may even be bouncing off the walls.  But it’s their party, they can cry jump, if they want too! Right? 

4. & the song “Watch Me (Whip/ Nae Nae)” by Silento

The government should actually think about making this song into our National Anthem. Kids love it and parents love pulling out their phones to record their child giving it their all. Regardless of your background or race “The Nae Nae” is internationally known.