Road Trippin' With Little People

So my husband and I decided to take our little Coney Monsters, London & Braxton, to Disney World... again. We also decided to make it into a road trip and drive from Kentucky to Florida... again! Seriously, what were we thinking?! & this time we took my Grandmother with us. Ok, at this point we should have been checked into a mental hospital. Because we were definitely crazy. However, we made it to Disney World and back home to Lexington, KY and surprisingly no one was hurt in the making of this vacation. So if you're crazy like my husband & I and don't have tons of money to spend on flights then let me share with you three tips that really helped us get through "Road Trippin' with Little People ".

1. Plan Your Exit

Listen, the goal is to have your children sleep as log as possible during these long car rides. As a result, the best time to leave is during your children's bed time. Get all of your luggage packed into your car first and then slip your little adorable monsters right into their car seats while they are still in their comfortable pajamas and dreaming away. Now, most kids usually sleep about 8 to 9 hours when they are tucked away in their beds but because of their excitement of the vacation they probably won't sleep as long. However, you're still guaranteed to get a few hours of peace and quiet while driving.


2. Food on Deck

Now this is a given. Cookie Monster wouldn't be "Cookie Monster" if he didn't have cookies to eat. & our little Crumb Snatchers wouldn't be "Crumb Snatchers" if they didn't have snacks to eat. So go to the grocery store a day before your planned trip and pack a few things to hold these little adorable monsters over before they turn into not so adorable monsters. Here is what I usually grab at my local grocery store when "Road Trippin' with Little People."

1. Box of Juice Boxes & Mini Bottles of Water

2. A Bag of Cutie Oranges & Grapes

3. Small Individual Bags of Chips

4. Fruit Snacks (& not just any kind of fruit snacks but the animated type of fruit snacks. That way they become intrigued with the little characters they are about to nibble on.)

3. Go Go Gadget... Activity!

This too is also a given but you must plan accordingly to what type of activities to bring for your particular child/ children. For example, my Braxton isn't really into coloring and drawling but my London is. Additionally, be sure to visit your local library to grab a few books that comes with a CD. That way you're off of reading duty. Plus, I'm pretty sure the people who are reading the story will sound much more animated and exciting than you. LOL Now I know many of us parents don't like letting our children sit in front of a TV for a long period of time...blah blah blah. However, this rule has to get thrown out of the window when it comes to "Road Trippin' with Little People". Give them their little iPad or your phone and let them be. Seriously, you'll thank me later.

Happy Hunger Games... I mean Happy "Road Trippin' with Little People"!!

May the odds be ever in your favor.
— Effie Trinket