Why In The World Did I Change My Name??

Hey Babes,

If you haven't seen the latest news I have decided to get rid of my pride and joy, Mommy & Ministry and rebrand myself as PORSCHA LYNETTE. I know, I can't believe it either. I never thought this day would come. I always thought that I would be known as Mommy & Ministry but the simple truth is...

1. My Kids HATE Taking Pictures

Dragging them to every shoot, bribing them with trips to the dollar store, and then trying to get them to cooperate when we actually get in front of a camera just wore me all the way out. Now, don't get me wrong, my children can create some fire content but at what expense do I continue to make them do something that they hate doing. So I had a serious talk with myself and decided that the only time I will photograph them is if they're wanting to be photographed. Does this mean you won't ever see them again? Absolutely not. They'll still be around but on their own time.

2. I Want People to Know My Name

When someone comes up to Dave Ramsey, do they say, "Hi Financial Freedom!" or do they say, "Hi Dave Ramsey"? When someone comes up to Beyonce' do they say "Hey Beyonce Girl" or do the say "Hey "Who Run The World"? Ok, comparing myself to Beyonce may be a far fetch but hopefully you get my point. I want people to know me as my given name, and not "Hey, Mommy & Ministry!!" Listen Baby, I don't plan on failing. So when I make it, best believe it's going to be my actual name that you know!

**insert two snaps here and possibly a hair flip

3. I'm More Than Just Those Two Boxes

To all of my hard core Holy Rollers, don't shoot me when I say this... but the name Mommy & Ministry put me inside of two boxes. Mommy box number one and Christian box number two. Now of course those are two amazing boxes that I am proud to be inside of but I'm more than just a Mommy and a Woman of Faith. I'm a entrepreneur, a person who loves to dress, a girl who loves to sip wine from time to time and possibly may want to learn how to twerk. I love listening to Beyonce and I can't wait until Rihanna comes out with something this year and there's a biggg chance that I listen to trap music only when working out so don't ask me for my playlist. Also, I don't always have a word for you. I'm just saying!  

4. It's A Business Move

It's simple... It is my desire to make money off of all of the hard work that I put into creating content for my Blog, Instagram, Facebook, and now Youtube. Therefore, I want to appeal to a bigger audience and to more brands. 

Babes, you're still going to get inspirational post and daily scriptures. So please hear me when I say I'm not subtracting God from anything that I am doing. If anything He's expanding my platform to reach more. Therefore I hope you all will ride with/ for me like you did with Mommy & Ministry. 

Thank you, Mommy & Ministry. So long my love...