Summer, Please Don't Go!

There's something magical about summer, whether it's the long nights spent outside or the way the sun streams through the window in the early morning. From impromptu rode trips to lunch dates Downtown Lexington, KY my family and I did it all. Here is just a little snippet of how our summer went.... 

We traveled to VA, Beach for summer vacation

I quit my job 

Took the kids on the city bus for the first time

Had tons of fun at The Ohio State Fair

Ate a fried snickers bar

Gained weight

Countless pool dates

Countless park dates

Let Braxton run around the back yard with just his undies 

Put tons of mileage on my 2012 Honda Accord  

Spent 1/3rd of our summer in Columbus, OH (My Home)

London became a teenager and caught multiple attitudes with me

Published a few blogs

Rocked Box Braids for 3 weeks

Ohio Thrift Store published our blog on their Facebook page

Participated on my 1st speaking panel: "Women in Fashion and Profession"

Participated in a campaign to stop child hunger in Lexington, KY

Read 4 books

Got stopped by the police while canvassing with my Brothers and Sisters... Twice. 

Took the kids to the Dollar Movie Theater that ended up costing more than the regular theaters

London rode on a camel 

Braxton rode a pony

Celebrated Hubby's 40th Birthday

Worked out

Didn't workout 

Got a super nice tan

Shot my professional headshots for my Interior Design business 

London and Braxton went fishing with Papa

Mimi which is another name for Grandma taught the kids how to do "The Shiggy" aka "Keke, Do you love me?!" by Drake  

A portrait was painted of me

Wore red lipstick everyday- Ruby Woo from Mac Cosmetic to be exact 

Walked the Purple Bridge (Cincinnati, OH)

Open up a gym membership at LA Fitness

Started working out again

Convinced my Husband to send me to Houston, TX to see Beyonce and her husband in concert... It worked.

London goes to Second Grade 

Summer 2018 was probably one of the best summers ever. I hope and pray that your summer was just as amazing!! Feel free to tell us what you did this summer down in the comment section.