Rain Rain, If You Don't Go Away, I'm Still Going To Play

Early this week I had the opportunity to take my children, London and Braxton, along with my Goddaughter, Mia who was visiting us from Cincinnati, OH to the park, and because there is a splash pad right next to the park I encouraged them to put on their swimsuits that day so that they could get the best play out of their time. Because who doesn’t love playing in water while having the option to slide and swing at the same time. 


As London and Braxton were digging through their drawers to locate their swimsuits I could hear something happening outside. I looked over to London with my eyes wide open and asked…

“Did you hear that?!” 

“Did I hear what?!” she replied.

“The thunder!” 

“I didn’t hear anything Mommy.”

London and Braxton had on their swimsuits, Mia was drinking her milk with her cute little unicorn suit on that I had purchase for her a few months ago and I was gathering towels for our little trip to the park. While buckling and making sure that all three kids were fasten safely I heard the thunder again. This time I knew for sure London and Braxton had heard it so I asked again.

“Did you guys hear that thunder?!”

“Hear what Mommy?” asked Braxton.

“The thunder!?!?!”

London and Braxton both looked at each other with their brother and sister super powers and together replied “We don’t hear anything, Mommy!”


Now either I’m going crazy or the kids did hear it but are sticking together because they really want to go to the park. See, it had been raining all week in Lexington, KY and we have been stuck in the house which seemed like for weeks. We are a outdoorsy type of family so when summer hits we are rarely inside. Therefore I knew they really wanted to go to the park so I thought to myself, “Maybe if I drive fast I could beat whatever is coming”.  Seven minutes later we pulled up to the park, the kids got out with excitement and literally two minutes of them playing in the splash pad it began to rain. Like, really rain. I mean it was coming down. I was a little excited because it confirmed I wasn’t going crazy but sad because the kids would’nt no longer be able to play. We rushed back to the car and I mention to them that we will sit here for a couple minutes. Maybe the rain will stop. Well it didn’t. It actually started to rain even harder. 

I looked over to Braxton and could see the disappointment all over his face. My poor sweet boy was devastated. It looked like his whole week was destroyed by this one moment. So I said to him, “Braxton, if you don’t mind the rain you can still play in the splash pad if you’ll like. I mean you’re going to get wet anyways.” With so much excitement my boy darted out of the car, into the rain and towards the splash pad. The girls and I were being bougie and wouldn’t dare do what Braxton was doing. But let me tell you, he was having the time of his life! His giggles travel through the air and through the windshield wipers and rain beating against the window we could see his gigantic smile.  

The rain was still coming and it had been about 10 minutes of Braxton playing at the splash pad. London climbed up from the backseat and looked at me, “You know what Mommy? It looks like Braxton’s having a great time!! Can I join him?”. With a huge surprise look on my face I quickly encourage her to join him. Now there were two kids outside playing in the rain while playing in splash park having the best time of their lives.

8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.
9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.
— Isaiah 55:8-9 NIV

See, in life, God will ask you to do something that will look totally insane and crazy to others. Especially to the people who are looking from the windows of your life. However, as children of God we know that the plans that He has for us are so much greater than we could ever imagine. But for us to receive “the greatER life” we must stay obedient to His ways and what He asks of us to do. To us, Braxton looked extremely crazy playing in the splash pad while gettin rained on but to him, he was having a great time AND making great memories. Don’t let others discourage you from achieving all that you have called to be. If God has told you to do something, stay obedient. Our wins our found in His obedience, not in the spectators chit chats, laughs and or giggles. 

God’s plans are sometimes crazy to us and others… but they’re never crazy to Him.

Keep playing in the rain, Baby. Soon, your rainbow will come and people will want to join. 

Kite Flying


There are some weeks where my children can actually be civilized and act like angels and when that happens I like to take them to the #DollarTree and let them ball out! A crispy $5 bill can go a long way in that amazing place! When your momma lets you purchase more than just 2 items... in their minds…they are  splurging!

Braxton usually likes to get a small nic-nak that rarely serves any purpose to his life and more than likely will be thrown away because I'm tired of seeing it on the floor. Sometimes I feel like Oprah when it comes to their toys, "You're going to the trash can! You're going to the trash can! Everything is going to the trash can!"

However, my London likes to think and analyze every item in the toy aisle. After twenty-five minutes of trying to figure out what dollar item will benefit her more, she finally chooses a toy, and in this case she found joy in a butterfly kite. 

As soon as we got home, Braxton's toy was already found on the floor and London was extremely eager to fly her kite. I explained to her that once the speed of her run and the air from the wind met each other... the kite will lift, fly, and soar. After watching her run up and down our sidewalk 13 times, getting the kite caught in the tree 4 times... I was ready to pack it up and go back in the house.  But she said, "let me try one more time Mommy. I know this time it will work." 

Sometimes life can be like flying a kite.  Maybe you're trying to start a business and you continue to run into brick walls, parenting is overwhelming and you're just ready to give up, or the pursuit of just trying to do right and live right is seemingly unattainable. Sometimes in life it seems as if there are more defeats than wins. But today I want to encourage you to go outside and fly your own personal kite one more time. 

... because on that 14th try, the speed of London's run met the air from the wind and she saw her kite lift, fly, and soar...

Your kite is about lift, fly, and soar.

Taking Inventory


Yesterday my family and I visited Cincinnati Homearama. Homearama is an annual Cincinnati event that showcases some of the most beautifulest custom built new homes at a single site that are fully furnished, decorated, landscaped and feature the latest in building trends, technology and interior design. And let me just tell you about these homes.... they were absolutely breathtaking. From under ground tunnels that led into “Grandma’s House” (yes, a Grandmothers house!), to spacious bedrooms, sunken movie theaters, secret doors that led to more gorgeous rooms and much more. & let’s just take a moment of silence for the decor that my eyes encountered. 

I found myself asking God, "would my family and I ever have something like this?". Would we be fortunate enough to build and design our dream home one day? "Come on Lord, just tell me exactly what we have to do to get one of these bad boys". Surprisingly, I wasn’t the only one who was beginning to covet over the material things that our eyes were seeing. After the last house London with a stern voice screech out, “I want this house. Daddy and Mommy, I want to move into this house! Can you buy it? I don’t want to go back to our house. I want to live in this one!" London was quickly turning into Violet Beauregarde from Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and as much as I didn't want to admit it. London and I were experiencing the same feelings. The only difference between her and I was that she was bold enough to speak verbally what my heart was feeling. 

And Solomon, my son, learn to know the God of your ancestors intimately. Worship and serve him with your whole heart and a willing mind. For the Lord sees every heart and knows every plan and thought. If you seek Him, you will find Him. But if you forsake him, He will reject you forever.
— 1 Chronicles 28:9

Coveting- desiring something we don't have- is a dangerous trap for people both poor and rich. See, we serve a God that knows the heart of man and also the intent of the heart (1 Chronicles 28:9). God knew that a heart that starts to covet is a heart that no longer focuses on Him, but looks inwardly. Now I can only speak for myself but I can tell you for sure that my heart begin to lose focus. I wanted everything that my eyes could see but  not realizing that God has already given me everything that my heart needed.

You may not be working at the job that you desire but at least you have the ability to get up every morning (or night) and head to A job. You may not be living in your dream house but at least you have a roof to live up under. You may have not found your Prince Charming or your Queen from Zamunda but guess what, you're still on this earth which means you still have time and to be completely honest, you don't need someone to make you complete. Be content with what God has given you in this very moment.

Seriously, it is time for us to take inventory of all of the amazing things that God has given us! Like your life, your health, your family, your friendships and much more. This week lets earnestly practice the art of appreciation. I know it can be hard sometimes but try to keep in mind that there are people who don't even have what you have and are praying for some of the things that you and I may take for granted. 

Craig Groeschel said it best, "The right perspective changes everything. When all you can think of is what you want to complain about, you can be pretty miserable and ungrateful. But when you shift your focus, your heart changes. Instead of being poisoned by ingratitude, you're transformed by gratitude and contentment. 

As London was wrapping up her complaints and wants also known as covetousness I turned to her and said, "We will be content in what God has given us at this very moment."

Nothing Will Ever Be Perfect

Summer is here which means the kids are out of school and doing some major jumping jacks on their parent’s nerves! Oops did I say that out loud? (insert shoulder shrug lol)  Last year my work schedule was so crazy that it kept me from enjoying the summer months with my family. Honestly, I don't even remember taking a dip in any outdoor swimming pool! The fact that I didn't have to buy a new foundation means I didn't get enough sun! But I am happy to report that this year I was not going to let summer slip away from me! I am on my second foundation shade and summer is still alive, well and spreading all types of sunny joy! Maybelline just take all of my money why don't you!! 

With a now more flexible schedule I set a goal to do at least three activities throughout the week with the kids whether thats just going on a simple walk through the park, catching the city transit to the downtown library, or basking in the sun while the kids submerge themselves in chlorine at our neighborhood public pool. Yes, I am one of those Mommas!  But unfortunately, there are times when the forecast for the week is just not in our favor and the rain tries to impede on our plans!! I'm sorry God, but rain does not belong in the summer months... but hey, what do I know. I'm just little ole Porscha Coney and your just The Almighty who knows everything...  

Last week I scheduled a full week of activities for London and Braxton but the clouds and scattered drops of rain continued to make me second guess our plans. On Tuesday we put on our walking shoes, scrounged up some loose change from around the house and headed toward the nearest city bus stop…the downtown library was our destination. But as we were heading out a dark gray cloud was approaching and like any other cautious mother I wanted to turn around and hop in the car. But I'm all about creating memories with the kids and they've never rode a bus so something inside of me said, "oh well, if we get caught in the rain, we just get caught in the rain." So we caught the bus, had an amazing time at the library and guess what?? It didn't start raining until we got back on the bus to go back home.

On Wednesday I scheduled a playdate with one of my friends and her children. As we were leaving it actually started to rain! I texted my friend and said that it is raining and we may have to reschedule. The kids did not like that and instantly threw a fit! I was not in the mood to fight so we took our "hoping it stops raining" selves to the park and guess what?!?!?!?!?! NO MORE RAIN IN SIGHT!! The afternoon was perfect and my children really enjoyed themselves.

News Flash people!... the time will never be perfect and God gave us aspirations but He never intended for us to just sit on our talents and gifts.

On Friday I told the kids that we could go swimming. The day was perfect with no clouds in sight. I filled my picnic basket with goodies, we threw on our bathing suits and headed to the pool. As we were driving guess what it decided to do? You guessed it… It started to rain! I looked at the kids, they looked at me and I told them... "we're still going! nothing is going to stop our fun." They replied with a smile that said "our mom is a boss" and as we were unloading the car the rain stopped, the clouds opened up and when I tell you it was one of the best swim days ever, it was one of the best swim days ever!!    

Too many of us have some many dreams and visions and wonderful ideas but we're just sitting on them. Not doing anything with them because we're waiting for the perfect day. We keep telling ourselves that the we need “perfect” conditions… sunshine, blooming flowers, birds chirping, and lollipops and gum drops falling out of the sky before we have enough courage to leave our jobs, launch a business, go back to school, start a blog, or any other endeavors that we would one day hope to pursue. News Flash people!... the time will never be perfect and God gave us aspirations but He never intended for us to just sit on our talents and gifts. Those cloudy skies tried to scare my kids and I into not pursuing our fun-filled planned days but we refused to let that stop us. & nothing should stop you from fulfilling your dreams and desires. 

Waiting on the perfect time does nothing but hinder the process, because the perfect time simply does not exist. Follow your plan, be confident in your product and implement to the best of your ability. If you think your creations are dope, then you’ve already succeeded.
— Erin Issac Owner of Slight Kitchen Werk

Can I Go To The Bathroom

026A38F8-7B13-4469-8BFE-B943FED2CFE3 (1).jpeg

Braxton was somewhat of a late bloomer. He didn’t start crawling until he was almost one and didn’t start walking until he was just about two years old. My husband and I were so concerned with his ability to be mobile that we even went to physical therapy for a few months. We were worried that he would be “late” with other developmental milestones but to our surprise, Potty Training was not one of them!

I remember sending my husband out to buy a pack of diapers soon after Braxton’s 2nd birthday and instead he came back with a pack of 1y-2y underwear covered in trucks and cars!  Needless to say, it was about to go down in the Coney Castle. Our new walking terrible two-er caught on fairly quickly.

Braxton is now four years old and still does a superb job with using the bathroom... but there is one problem. Every time he has to go, he runs around in circles while holding himself and won’t say anything until I ask him, “Braxton, what’s wrong? Do you have to go to the bathroom?!”  Panicky and anxious he responds, “Yes Mommy! I have to use it! Can I go to the bathroom?!”

This then turns into me picking him up and dashing to the nearest bathroom, ultimately looking like my soror, Olympic Gold Medalist Mary Wineberg running in the 2008 Beijing Olympic race... ok, maybe not that fast. But it’s pretty close! While Braxton is “relieving himself” I remind him that he doesn’t need permission to use something that he already has access to. Just GO!

Then God said, “Let us make human begins in our image, to be like us. They will reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the livestock, all the wild animals on the earth, and the small animals that scurry along the ground.
— Genesis 1:26 NLT

And just like Braxton, it’s time for you to stop wasting your time waiting for someone to give you permission to do something that you already have access to. When God created man, He gave man authority to have dominion over everything on earth. (Genesis 1:26) Now go make your own decisions, take risks and be amazing. Stop running around in circles like my four year old son anxiously holding onto your dreams and visions.  You have dreams to fulfill and a life to live. Do it now!!

God granted you permission when He created you.

When I Lost My Fourth Child...

Last year I was depressed. Last year I was broken. Last year my best friend and I broke up. Last year I despised people. Last year I lost my fourth child…

Beyonce Knowles has this song called “Love Drought”, where she states “Are you aware you’re my lifeline, are you tryna to kill me?” I believe she was talking about her husband at that time but for me, personally, these words described exactly what I was feeling towards my God. Listen, Jesus Christ was/ is my lifeline and will always be. However, last year, I honestly thought my “Lifeline” was “tryna” kill me.

I have two biological children, London Victoria and Braxton Alexander. In 2004 during an outreach event in Cincinnati, OH I met a young girl by the name of Jade Harmon who was just 10 years old. She won my heart over and at the time I begin to mentor her. I didn’t physically birth her but now after 12 years of mentoring her she’s not only become family, she’s becomes something like my 3rd child. In 2011, August 11th to be exact my husband and I birthed our/ my fourth baby. Her name was Transitions Christian Center. She was everything that I needed, my friends needed, my family needed and more. She was exactly what the world was screaming for. But many of us took her for granted and abandoned her. My brother Quason, who I lost a year ago due to a illness got saved & accepted Jesus as his savior at Transitions Christian Center and my best friend, Shawnte was baptized at Transitions Christian Center. The way that God was using us through TCC was unimaginable. However, He had different plans with her and to be honest, I’m not sure if I agreed with Him at the time.

In November of 2015 I had a dream and in this dream my husband was asleep. When trying to wake him up it was a struggle. His eyes were dried out and had sandy cracks throughout them. I was literally looking at a dessert. & as much as my husband tried to open up his eyes, he just couldn’t. I remember crying out to him “Come on baby! You can do it. Just open up your eyes!”  …but at that very moment, I heard God very clearly say… “I’m closing Transitions Christian Center.” A month later, we closed the doors of our church.

God surpasses our dreams when we reach past our personal plans and agenda to grab the hand of Christ and walk the path He chose for us. He is obligated to keep us dissatisfied until we come to Him and His plan for complete satisfaction.
— Beth Moore

Death is the separation of two things and for anything to grow naturally and beautifully some things in our lives must be chopped off! I remember when London and my husband first started to grow their garden. They literally had to chop down all of the weeds and bushes and remove every rock to it's fine soil just so the seed that was planted could grow naturally, organically, and beautifully. See, there's a seed that God what's to place inside of all of us, especially you. But a "big chop" must take place. Maybe the "big chop" is your career, the people who you surround yourself with, your way of thinking, or something or someone that you love so passionately.  The pain of this chop digs deep. But the outcome of His plan is much greater.


Last year I was depressed - but due to the chopping and pruning of my Lifeline (Jesus), this year I am even more powerful. Last year I was broken but this year I’m allowing God to fix every inch of me. Last year my best friend and I broke up but this year we’re back and stronger than ever. Last year I despised people but this year I can love on people again. Last year I lost my fourth child, Transitions Christian Center, but this year God gave me Mommy & Ministry.

Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.
— Psalm 9:10

It will be a year in a couple of weeks since Transitions Christian Center has closed and till this day my heart still aches but no matter what #IWillAlwaysHeartTCC and I will always put my trust in Him.



This blog is dedicated to my Brother Quay. Love you always!

This blog is dedicated to my Brother Quay. Love you always!

"New Strength"

London was in the mood to do some dancing after dinner and she wanted her Momma to join her. I mean she was really in the mood to do some dancing. She put on ONE glove, some leg warmers, and insisted on me to put her hair into a ponytail. However, I was in no mood to dance. Actually my motivation for this past week has been on ground zero. I only made it to the gy...m once, my amazing husband prepared majority of our dinners, and I had to restart the washer... twice. Seriously, "Netflix & Chill" has been my, to go to. It was definitely a lazy week and this definitely wasn't me.

I'm usually "The Encourager" in our household. When things don't look good, or when someone is struggling with something. Many can count on me to be the that one who pushes and keeps them together. God has given me the ability to always see the light at the end of any tunnel. Any trail, and any tribulation. But that light has turned into a blinking light, to a dimmed light, and to a "what light?".

Last night a friend sent me this familiar verse... “But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”
Isaiah 40:31 NLT

You know why we don't receive the "new strength" that the Prophet Isaiah is talking about?! It's simple. Our trust is not in the Lord. Our lips may say that we trust in Him but our hearts don't really believe it. So together, lets take a good look at our lives and make sure that our trust is not in our spouses, a job, and definitely not anything from this world. "Otherwise, God may step forward to deliberately frustrate your plans in order to bring you back to where you ought to be." -Renner

Put your trust back into Him!

"Red Light. Green Light"

There's this park that my London has been eyeing for a while now and yesterday I finally granted her wish by taking her and Braxton there to play. For some odd reason I decided to take the street way instead of the highway. Which I rarely do. I guess you can say I like to go fast... hints my name, Porscha (insert loud laugh from the crowd). While driving towards this one of a kind park that London just had to get her hands on, it seemed as if we were stopped at every light. Seriously, red lights had become our new best friend. London could sense that this ride was taking longer than usual and was eager to get there.

"Mommy, GO!!" was what she yelled out when we got to our new bestie, named Red Light.

"I can't London. The light is red which means to stop. If we continued to drive while the light is red then we could and will cause a accident. As a result we could hurt ourselves and others". This is also true in the spirit.

Disobeying God's traffic signs could result in a accident that could possibly hurt others and yourself. Now the ambulance and police are called, also known as The Holy Spirit and Jesus to clean up the mess that we created.

Eventually your light will turn green and it will be your time to go in your business, love life, finances, becoming a parent, obtaining your degree, relocating to a different state and more. But don't be so eager to go without God's green light. These lights were not created for His good, but for OUR good. Let's commit to using them!


"I Choose To Use My Lifeline"

Yesterday, Braxton fell asleep before his schedule bed time (there is a God lol) so when it was time to lay London down, our bedtime routine was abruptly irrupted due to not wanting to wake up The Braxx Man. Two minutes later I enter back into their room to put some laundry up when I heard a small whisper from London, "Mommy can you say the prayer." It warmed my heart to know that she knows the importance of prayer.

Not intentionally, but as adults we can forget the gifts that our Heavenly Father has given us. Today, don't forget to use the beautiful gift of prayer.

Thank You London for the gentle reminder.

"if He Allowed It, There is A Great Reason For It."

Often times I would compare myself and jokingly say that I was the female version of Samson, the biblical Hercules, a man of super-human strength. Which was all found in his hair. If you knew one ounce of Porscha Peeks, you knew that my pride and joy was my hair. Every. Strand. But a few things happen this past season that I finally was able to... accept.

1. I was no longer Porscha Peeks but Porscha Coney and 2. I was no longer the Porscha that many people knew.

In August of 2015 I heard God loud and clear say "Ok daughter, it's time for you to look like what I am calling you to be. It's time for you to cut your hair. When people now see you, they won't see Porscha Peeks. They'll see the Pastor I've called you to be. They'll see the leader that I've called you to be. But most importantly, they'll see Porscha Coney."

I finally begin to accept who God wanted me to be. As a result, many things were stripped away from me. Trusting God is not always easy. Sometimes it can be down right painful, but as believers we have to get to a point where we begin to trust God's plan regardless of our fickle feelings. God is sovereign. So if He allowed it, there is a great reason for it. Sometimes God's blessings are not in what He gives us, but in what He takes away.

"Take A Knee"


After feeling like my life was on eggshells last week, yesterday I declared that this week would be a week of boldness. 


This morning the kids and I were on track on being on time for school. Braxton had his toaster strudel in his left hand and his Dino in his right. London didn't complain about her outfit this morning and the "talking back" was at its all time low. Today was great. I got the kids into the car, plugged my phone into the car charger and quietly I whispered to myself, "I'm going to make you proud today God." Went to turn the key in the ignition and my car wouldn't start. Turned it again, no go. The last thing that our family needs are car problems. 


Last week my husband and I watched a movie called "After Earth" staring Will Smith and his son. Every time Will's son felt overwhelmed and extremely burden his father would instruct him to "take a knee". Meaning to regroup. Assess the issue. Not to panic. Take a look at your surroundings. When I felt myself getting overwhelmed I heard my Heavenly Father say, "take a knee". Maybe you're in the same predicament. Bills are piling up. Seems like nothing is going your way. The stresses of life are becoming too unbearable. When you take a knee that doesn't mean that you're giving up, or that you quit. To God, it simply means that you're ready to listen and that God is going to reveal some things to you. So today, I encourage you working Moms, stay at home Moms to "take a knee". All of the men, husbands, boyfriends who are earnestly providing for their family, "take a knee". Entrepreneurs, "take a knee". Pastors, church leaders, greeters, and all servants of God, "take a knee". Working college students, "take a knee". 


When I took a knee God showed me that London's school was about 2.5 miles away, I had two working legs, a stroller, blue skies, and two children who love taking adventures. Needless to say, our morning got even better because we took a knee. 


"The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Exodus 14:14 NIV

"Put Your Hands in The Air Like You Just Don't Care"

7:30am alarm goes off and it's time to wake up our Lon V. for preschool. London is not a morning person but today she really hated todays morning. As I tugged on her comforter, kissing her on her sweet cheeks she whined, "Mommy, can you pick me up and carry me?". 


As I looked down at her with her arms reaching up towards me, I couldn't help but think that our God is doing the same thing. He knows that we are tired at times. He knows the many trails that we have to face, and He knows the things that we carry can get heavy. So this week, I encourage you to hop into the arms of our loving Savior and let Him carry you through your tiredness, tribulations, and through your weaknesses. 


"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matt 11:28

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Toy Box Cleaning

Toy Box Cleaning

Today my daughter, London, was so happy about all of her new gifts from Christmas. She was eagerly ready to take every toy upstairs to her room to be played with. But as I stood in her door way looking at her some broken, half dressed, written on, destroyed, overly used toys I quickly instructed her to take all of her new toys downstairs because I refused to allow her to mix up h...er old with the new. So I grabbed a trash bag and ruthlessly threw out every "nik nak", un played with, not needed, room taking, damaged toy. Just as we cleaned out my daughter's toy box, it's time for you to do the same.

So many people want their lives to change but when God gives us something new we let it intermingled with the old. A new year is coming and it's time for you to go into every box of your life and RUTHLESSLY throw away every hurt, every pain, every room taking thought that wasn't sent from God, every too small dream, every unnecessary insecurity, every bad relationship that God is trying to break you free of, and every clutter filled space.

In spite of you, God still wants to bless you and He has something new for us all. So let's completely get rid of the old and let's make room for the new that God has for us. Clean out your toy box!
2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV

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