Nothing Will Ever Be Perfect

Summer is here which means the kids are out of school and doing some major jumping jacks on their parent’s nerves! Oops did I say that out loud? (insert shoulder shrug lol)  Last year my work schedule was so crazy that it kept me from enjoying the summer months with my family. Honestly, I don't even remember taking a dip in any outdoor swimming pool! The fact that I didn't have to buy a new foundation means I didn't get enough sun! But I am happy to report that this year I was not going to let summer slip away from me! I am on my second foundation shade and summer is still alive, well and spreading all types of sunny joy! Maybelline just take all of my money why don't you!! 

With a now more flexible schedule I set a goal to do at least three activities throughout the week with the kids whether thats just going on a simple walk through the park, catching the city transit to the downtown library, or basking in the sun while the kids submerge themselves in chlorine at our neighborhood public pool. Yes, I am one of those Mommas!  But unfortunately, there are times when the forecast for the week is just not in our favor and the rain tries to impede on our plans!! I'm sorry God, but rain does not belong in the summer months... but hey, what do I know. I'm just little ole Porscha Coney and your just The Almighty who knows everything...  

Last week I scheduled a full week of activities for London and Braxton but the clouds and scattered drops of rain continued to make me second guess our plans. On Tuesday we put on our walking shoes, scrounged up some loose change from around the house and headed toward the nearest city bus stop…the downtown library was our destination. But as we were heading out a dark gray cloud was approaching and like any other cautious mother I wanted to turn around and hop in the car. But I'm all about creating memories with the kids and they've never rode a bus so something inside of me said, "oh well, if we get caught in the rain, we just get caught in the rain." So we caught the bus, had an amazing time at the library and guess what?? It didn't start raining until we got back on the bus to go back home.

On Wednesday I scheduled a playdate with one of my friends and her children. As we were leaving it actually started to rain! I texted my friend and said that it is raining and we may have to reschedule. The kids did not like that and instantly threw a fit! I was not in the mood to fight so we took our "hoping it stops raining" selves to the park and guess what?!?!?!?!?! NO MORE RAIN IN SIGHT!! The afternoon was perfect and my children really enjoyed themselves.

News Flash people!... the time will never be perfect and God gave us aspirations but He never intended for us to just sit on our talents and gifts.

On Friday I told the kids that we could go swimming. The day was perfect with no clouds in sight. I filled my picnic basket with goodies, we threw on our bathing suits and headed to the pool. As we were driving guess what it decided to do? You guessed it… It started to rain! I looked at the kids, they looked at me and I told them... "we're still going! nothing is going to stop our fun." They replied with a smile that said "our mom is a boss" and as we were unloading the car the rain stopped, the clouds opened up and when I tell you it was one of the best swim days ever, it was one of the best swim days ever!!    

Too many of us have some many dreams and visions and wonderful ideas but we're just sitting on them. Not doing anything with them because we're waiting for the perfect day. We keep telling ourselves that the we need “perfect” conditions… sunshine, blooming flowers, birds chirping, and lollipops and gum drops falling out of the sky before we have enough courage to leave our jobs, launch a business, go back to school, start a blog, or any other endeavors that we would one day hope to pursue. News Flash people!... the time will never be perfect and God gave us aspirations but He never intended for us to just sit on our talents and gifts. Those cloudy skies tried to scare my kids and I into not pursuing our fun-filled planned days but we refused to let that stop us. & nothing should stop you from fulfilling your dreams and desires. 

Waiting on the perfect time does nothing but hinder the process, because the perfect time simply does not exist. Follow your plan, be confident in your product and implement to the best of your ability. If you think your creations are dope, then you’ve already succeeded.
— Erin Issac Owner of Slight Kitchen Werk