Kite Flying


There are some weeks where my children can actually be civilized and act like angels and when that happens I like to take them to the #DollarTree and let them ball out! A crispy $5 bill can go a long way in that amazing place! When your momma lets you purchase more than just 2 items... in their minds…they are  splurging!

Braxton usually likes to get a small nic-nak that rarely serves any purpose to his life and more than likely will be thrown away because I'm tired of seeing it on the floor. Sometimes I feel like Oprah when it comes to their toys, "You're going to the trash can! You're going to the trash can! Everything is going to the trash can!"

However, my London likes to think and analyze every item in the toy aisle. After twenty-five minutes of trying to figure out what dollar item will benefit her more, she finally chooses a toy, and in this case she found joy in a butterfly kite. 

As soon as we got home, Braxton's toy was already found on the floor and London was extremely eager to fly her kite. I explained to her that once the speed of her run and the air from the wind met each other... the kite will lift, fly, and soar. After watching her run up and down our sidewalk 13 times, getting the kite caught in the tree 4 times... I was ready to pack it up and go back in the house.  But she said, "let me try one more time Mommy. I know this time it will work." 

Sometimes life can be like flying a kite.  Maybe you're trying to start a business and you continue to run into brick walls, parenting is overwhelming and you're just ready to give up, or the pursuit of just trying to do right and live right is seemingly unattainable. Sometimes in life it seems as if there are more defeats than wins. But today I want to encourage you to go outside and fly your own personal kite one more time. 

... because on that 14th try, the speed of London's run met the air from the wind and she saw her kite lift, fly, and soar...

Your kite is about lift, fly, and soar.