Toy Box Cleaning

Last year my daughter, London, was so happy about all of her new gifts from Christmas. She was eagerly ready to take every toy upstairs to her room to be played with. But as I stood in her door way looking at her some broken, half dressed, written on, destroyed, overly used toys I quickly instructed her to take all of her new toys downstairs because I refused to allow her to mix up old with the new. So I grabbed a trash bag and ruthlessly threw out every "nik nak", un played with, not needed, room taking, damaged toy. Just as we cleaned out my daughter's toy box, it's time for you to do the same.

So many people want their lives to change but when God gives us something new we let it intermingled with the old. A new year is coming and it's time for you to go into every box of your life and RUTHLESSLY throw away every hurt, every pain, every room taking thought that wasn't sent from God, every too small dream, every unnecessary insecurity, every bad relationship that God is trying to break you free of, and every clutter filled space.

In spite of you, God still wants to bless you and He has something new for us all. So let's completely get rid of the old and let's make room for the new that God has for us. Clean out your toy box!
2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV