Rain Rain, If You Don't Go Away, I'm Still Going To Play

Early this week I had the opportunity to take my children, London and Braxton, along with my Goddaughter, Mia who was visiting us from Cincinnati, OH to the park, and because there is a splash pad right next to the park I encouraged them to put on their swimsuits that day so that they could get the best play out of their time. Because who doesn’t love playing in water while having the option to slide and swing at the same time. 


As London and Braxton were digging through their drawers to locate their swimsuits I could hear something happening outside. I looked over to London with my eyes wide open and asked…

“Did you hear that?!” 

“Did I hear what?!” she replied.

“The thunder!” 

“I didn’t hear anything Mommy.”

London and Braxton had on their swimsuits, Mia was drinking her milk with her cute little unicorn suit on that I had purchase for her a few months ago and I was gathering towels for our little trip to the park. While buckling and making sure that all three kids were fasten safely I heard the thunder again. This time I knew for sure London and Braxton had heard it so I asked again.

“Did you guys hear that thunder?!”

“Hear what Mommy?” asked Braxton.

“The thunder!?!?!”

London and Braxton both looked at each other with their brother and sister super powers and together replied “We don’t hear anything, Mommy!”


Now either I’m going crazy or the kids did hear it but are sticking together because they really want to go to the park. See, it had been raining all week in Lexington, KY and we have been stuck in the house which seemed like for weeks. We are a outdoorsy type of family so when summer hits we are rarely inside. Therefore I knew they really wanted to go to the park so I thought to myself, “Maybe if I drive fast I could beat whatever is coming”.  Seven minutes later we pulled up to the park, the kids got out with excitement and literally two minutes of them playing in the splash pad it began to rain. Like, really rain. I mean it was coming down. I was a little excited because it confirmed I wasn’t going crazy but sad because the kids would’nt no longer be able to play. We rushed back to the car and I mention to them that we will sit here for a couple minutes. Maybe the rain will stop. Well it didn’t. It actually started to rain even harder. 

I looked over to Braxton and could see the disappointment all over his face. My poor sweet boy was devastated. It looked like his whole week was destroyed by this one moment. So I said to him, “Braxton, if you don’t mind the rain you can still play in the splash pad if you’ll like. I mean you’re going to get wet anyways.” With so much excitement my boy darted out of the car, into the rain and towards the splash pad. The girls and I were being bougie and wouldn’t dare do what Braxton was doing. But let me tell you, he was having the time of his life! His giggles travel through the air and through the windshield wipers and rain beating against the window we could see his gigantic smile.  

The rain was still coming and it had been about 10 minutes of Braxton playing at the splash pad. London climbed up from the backseat and looked at me, “You know what Mommy? It looks like Braxton’s having a great time!! Can I join him?”. With a huge surprise look on my face I quickly encourage her to join him. Now there were two kids outside playing in the rain while playing in splash park having the best time of their lives.

8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.
9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.
— Isaiah 55:8-9 NIV

See, in life, God will ask you to do something that will look totally insane and crazy to others. Especially to the people who are looking from the windows of your life. However, as children of God we know that the plans that He has for us are so much greater than we could ever imagine. But for us to receive “the greatER life” we must stay obedient to His ways and what He asks of us to do. To us, Braxton looked extremely crazy playing in the splash pad while gettin rained on but to him, he was having a great time AND making great memories. Don’t let others discourage you from achieving all that you have called to be. If God has told you to do something, stay obedient. Our wins our found in His obedience, not in the spectators chit chats, laughs and or giggles. 

God’s plans are sometimes crazy to us and others… but they’re never crazy to Him.

Keep playing in the rain, Baby. Soon, your rainbow will come and people will want to join.