"Red Light. Green Light"

There's this park that my London has been eyeing for a while now and yesterday I finally granted her wish by taking her and Braxton there to play. For some odd reason I decided to take the street way instead of the highway. Which I rarely do. I guess you can say I like to go fast... hints my name, Porscha (insert loud laugh from the crowd). While driving towards this one of a kind park that London just had to get her hands on, it seemed as if we were stopped at every light. Seriously, red lights had become our new best friend. London could sense that this ride was taking longer than usual and was eager to get there.

"Mommy, GO!!" was what she yelled out when we got to our new bestie, named Red Light.

"I can't London. The light is red which means to stop. If we continued to drive while the light is red then we could and will cause a accident. As a result we could hurt ourselves and others". This is also true in the spirit.

Disobeying God's traffic signs could result in a accident that could possibly hurt others and yourself. Now the ambulance and police are called, also known as The Holy Spirit and Jesus to clean up the mess that we created.

Eventually your light will turn green and it will be your time to go in your business, love life, finances, becoming a parent, obtaining your degree, relocating to a different state and more. But don't be so eager to go without God's green light. These lights were not created for His good, but for OUR good. Let's commit to using them!